Is Bittorrent Safe?

With Bittorrent’s popularity at an all time high, we must ask the question to the earth’s 300 million Bittorrent users: “Are you as safe as you seem to feel?”

The answer is almost certainly not. The demographic of the Bittorrent user base has changed from amateur hackers and high-school students, to every day people. There is no defining characteristic of the “typical” Bittorrent user any more. The meteoric rise of Bittorrent has been aided, no doubt, by the global economic recession and found adopters from all walks of life, rich and poor, tech savvy and the rest of us. This blog will seek to educate current and potential Bittorrent users as to the full spectrum of risk that Bittorrent usage presents, so as to make more informed decisions. With the dawn of the Six-Strikes era just months away, we hope that all your p2p decisions will be proactive, and timely.